Copyright Infringement and Video Games

There has been a major dispute recently between video game publishers and content producers from large sites such as YouTube and others. There is an ongoing battle between who owns the right to the content recorded from the game with some common ground reached. There are benefits and drawbacks of each position so this article […]

Microsoft steals Windows 8 App Store Ideas

It is no secret that Windows is struggling to retain its’ monopoly on the market it had in the 90’s. While still a juggernaut, they’ve become more like IBM than the flexible software company they started as. A common trend that personifies IBM throughout the last 100 years is being late to the market. IBM […]

Ecommerce and Digital Rights

More and more physical transactions are moving to the web every day. Most physical establishments are being relegated to showrooms and window shoppers with a bulk of purchasing being made through stores like amazon and other niche web stores. As more of these transactions are being pushed to electronic transactions, the consumers demand, and deserve […]