3 Tips To Be A More Effective Developer

Software development is an interesting job as you are constantly working on something new and exciting. Every day there are new challenges that must be completed in code. While this can become frustrating at times if it can’t be accomplished easily, it is rewarding when the job is done. You are also constantly learning and […]

Content Distribution Partnerships for E-commerce

For any online retailer their content is key to getting viewers to visit their site, and hopefully, make a purchase of one of their products. This is the entire business model of the industry. Have compelling content that draws in large amount of traffic, then provide the means for those viewers to become customers through […]

From Creative Content to Consumer Checkout: How to Develop a Successful Ecommerce Store

When it comes to the development of a successful eCommerce website, it is so much more than simply creating a good design and selecting a solid programming language. From creating a system for content management to the consumer checkout section, it is safe to say you will run into a vast array of options when […]

Ecommerce Stores: What You Need to Consider Before Starting the Development process.

When it comes to the design and web development of e-commerce software, it is critical that you understand how the site must function, how to design it effectively, and what type of features need to be incorporated. As the Internet has progressed, successfully transitioning our physical world into a digital manifestation, particularly in the world […]

Photographer’s Online Rights in the Digital Age

In a society where every person has a camera on the back of his or her cell phone, it is difficult to understand what your rights are as a professional photographer. This is especially true for those who have been incorporated and collect payment in the form of a business. What exactly are your rights? […]

Digital Rights Information for the Professional Blogger

In our digital world today, it is becoming increasingly more important to be aware of your digital rights. There are certain things that you can do and you cannot do as a result. The Internet has been so new, that we did not know how to legislate it properly. It is known for being a […]

The Basic Rules and Regulations for Online Business Owners

Developing your business online can be an incredibly lucrative method to attract new customers, expand into new market territory, and increase revenue. Like any other business, the steps required to open an online business are relatively similar. However, building your company on the Internet is primarily different when it comes to legal and financial logistics. […]

The Pros and Cons of Google AdWords Management

For many businesses running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, especially smaller firms, the question can often arise: “Should we run our own AdWords campaign or should we outsource to a Search Engine Marketing company specialising in Google AdWords Management?” Oftentimes the additional cost of outsourcing seems like an unnecessary burden that businesses may not be able […]

Copyright Infringement and Video Games

There has been a major dispute recently between video game publishers and content producers from large sites such as YouTube and others. There is an ongoing battle between who owns the right to the content recorded from the game with some common ground reached. There are benefits and drawbacks of each position so this article […]

Microsoft steals Windows 8 App Store Ideas

It is no secret that Windows is struggling to retain its’ monopoly on the market it had in the 90’s. While still a juggernaut, they’ve become more like IBM than the flexible software company they started as. A common trend that personifies IBM throughout the last 100 years is being late to the market. IBM […]

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